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Online Courses

Our Courses and Camps are designed for Individuals or Parents who are: ​

  • Wanting to increase self-confidence, emotional regulation and self-awareness in yourself or your child

  • Wanting to prevent anxiety and other big emotions from getting worse

  • Looking to better understand anxiety and other big emotions and the role it has in your life

  • To gain valuable skills for combating anxiety and big emotions

  • Challenging anxiety and learning how to grow beyond its limitations

  • Coping mechanisms for anxiety and big emotions

  • Understanding your thought patterns and how to stop ruminating thoughts

  • Understanding healthy and unhealthy anxiety

*It is important to note that for some individuals this course is not used as a replacement for Therapy, Counselling or seeing your Doctor.  Sometimes anxiety and other big emotions like depression requires a team effort.  This course can be part of that team and used alongside other professional supports or it can be  used as a preventative measure so that you don't need further intervention later on. 


At Home Big Emotions Camp

This Online and Self-Paced course is for Children to complete at home with an adult.  The course is aimed at better understanding emotion and ways to cope with them.  

Moving Through Anxiety

Online and Self-Paced Course for Teens and Young Adults on how to control anxiety so anxiety doesn't control you!

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