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Our Services

Our services are about Mental Wellness and Mental Health Prevention.

What we offer: 

  • Counselling

  • Groups

  • Workshops

  • Summer day camps

  • Online Mental Health and Wellness Courses

  • Workbooks focused on wellness, confidence building, skill development and much more!

I Just Don't Have Time To Poop

Written By Matt Dale and Andee Dale 


Summer Camps

Kona Specialty Camps.png

We look forward to Summer Camps in


Check back in February 2024 for registration information.


Follow us on Instagram @konakidsbc and Facebook or subscribe to our mailing list to get updates on summer cmaps and other programs.


Counselling can be done individually, as a couple, family or sibling group.  


Counselling is something that can be done in person if you're living in the Cowichan Valley or by Phone or Virtually if you're living in BC or Alberta.  

Andee believes in person centred counselling, meaning we talk about what you want to talk about!


 Counselling appointments are made by you on your own schedule.  Andee keeps an open schedule so you can choose your own times and have control over booking/cancelling or re-scheduling your appointments.


If you're funded to receive counselling from a third party, please speak to Andee in a free consultation about this before booking a full appointment. 


If you are interested in doing some counselling or have questions about counselling with Andee please book a free initial consultation to meet Andee and decide if she is the right fit for what you are looking for. 

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Workshops are something we offer for agencies, businesses, schools, classrooms or a group of individuals wanting to learn more. 

Some Topics that we can bring to you: 


  • Managing Anxiety- Adults 

  • Managing Anxiety-Children and Parents

  • Communication Skills 

  • Motivation 

  • Making Stress Work for You 

  • Building Performance Mindset-Athletes and Coaches 

  • Resiliency 

  • Safety for Media use-Children and Teens

  • Communication in the Workplace 

  • Phone/Media Addiction 

If there is a topic you are interested in but it is not included on our list, reach out, let's talk about what we can do for you.  

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Online and Self-Paced Courses 

Our Online Self-Paced Courses  are focused on building skills and knowledge about Mental Wellness and Mental Health Prevention. 

Our courses are focused on specific challenges that individuals often struggle with. 


Our courses have a variety of:


  • Videos

  • Worksheets

  • Games

  • Crafts 

  • Journalling Prompts

  • Information Handouts

All of our courses are based on Mental Wellness and Mental Health Prevention

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Our Workbooks are written by the Kona Kids Inc. founder Andee Dale. 


Our Workbooks are for individuals or parents who are looking for worksheets that they can do on Mental Wellness and Personal Growth.  


Our Workbooks focus on: 


  •  Self-Awareness

  • Emotional Awareness 

  • Knowledge and information on Wellness 

  • Self-Confidence building

  • Skill building  

  • Goal Setting 


Testimonials from Anxiety Camp 2021

"My 7 year old attended Anxiety Camp through Kona Specialty Camps this past summer.  It was Incredible! I had concerns that he might feel nervous about attending and not engage, but that was not the case.  He quickly built trust with Andee and support staff, became engaged, comfortable, and developing friendships with other kids. " 

-Parent, 7 year old 

2021_08_18_KONA Camp kids_9999_203 (1).jpg

"Andee created safety in such a warm, relaxed way.  That was the perfect fit for my son.  He learned a lot about his brain and loves his tool kit that he got to create for anxiety! We'll definitely be attending next summer!" 

-Parent of a 6 year old

2021_08_18_KONA Camp kids_9999_205 (1).jpg

"Anxiety Camp with Andee was great for our daughter.  She not only had a ton of fun, but she came out of it with some great tools to use in those tough moments.  She's been asking when she can go to camp again ever since!" 

-Parent of a 6 year old

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